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Prime Time Violence


Oletushinta / lähtöhinta keikalle: 300.00 €

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Prime Time Violence is something you have to understand. There is a lot more hidden in our songs than you hear when listening for the first time. We love to play live and we work hard to deliver a great live experience. We feel that we are following a path of great musicians. We´ve got some glory in couple of competitions during the journey. Of course it feels good but the reason why we play is purely ´cos we love doing music. However those moments of glory encouraged us to continue. A new era began and is still rolling on when Pasi became a member of this family. His style of bassism struck us like a lightning and has become as important part of our music as everyone else’s. We’ve become whole. We are complete. Prime Time Violence is loud, vigilant, sophisticated, fun, rough, stunning, unpredictable and a lot more. So, turn off your computer and come to see us live!



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Prime Time Violence